VVIQVividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire (aka Visual Vividness Imagery Questionnaire)
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For one, it is not clear that high scores on the VVIQ have functional consequences; that is, high VVIQ scores do not always correlate with high scores on an objective performance measure that calls for spatial processing.
Yet despite the problem of phenomenological uncertainty and the challenges to VVIQ ratings, the findings encourage a careful leap from phenomenology to science back to phenomenology--that is, from the subjective VVIQ to the quantitative findings to the assumption of increased mental imagery for the low imagers.
The VVIQ as a Psychometric Test of Individual Differences in Visual Imagery Vividness: A Critical Quantitative Review and a Plea for Direction.
Hence, ANOVA results are reported here without using VVIQ scores as a covariate.
Convergent validity is supported by a significant correlation with the VVIQ (r = 0.