VVOVerkehrsverbund Oberelbe
VVOVerilog Valued Object
VVOVladivostok, Russia - Vladivostok Airport (Airport Code)
VVOVereniging voor Overheidscommunicatie (Dutch: Association for Government Communication)
VVOVereniging van Orthodontisten (Dutch Union of Orthodontists)
VVOVorgesetztenverordnung (German)
VVOVaterländischer Verdienstorden (Fatherland Service Medal, East Germany)
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In addition, in support of LEU's VVO deployment, Alberta Innovates, a provincially-funded corporation, has partnered with the City of Lethbridge to help achieve provincial energy efficiency goals and promote technology-driven job creation in Canada's dynamic energy sector.
In addition to the loss reduction and voltage profile improvement as objectives of VVO, it also provides a significant tool for the distribution system called CVR.
VVO is made by blending vegetable oil, sulfur and other raw materials above the required 160[degrees]C reaction temperature.
VVO is available with five levels of portfolio performance data based on a credit union's budget and needs.
8220;There is a strong business case for investing in VVO.
Additionally, VVO will start using Basware catalogue exchange services and supplier portal, which will allow it to receive catalogues electronically.
Decada Menores Mayores 1976-1985 VVO, Ato AtoG, JB 1986-1995 DJ, VVO, HLV, AtoG Ato, UN, JB, UP 1996-2005 DJ, VVO, HLV Ato, AtoG UN, IK, JB, IM, UP
Including the order, Lemminkainen is building a total 430 apartments for VVO in southern Finland.
VVO (which is a cooperative) controls about 14,000 hectares.
For example, we expect DVI's EDGE(R) AMI-based VVO platform to generate energy savings for our members and lower PEC's wholesale charges by reducing demand during the Four Coincident Peak summer season.
Using some examples of EPDM extrusion recipes and the corresponding test results, the following products will be presented: Deoflow AP and Deoflow Z processing additives; Factice F 10 and Factice WP VVO (vulcanized vegetable oil); Deostab vulcanization stabilizer; and Deovulc BG 287 nitrosamine-safe accelerator blend.
The VVO estimates that less than 10 percent of homicides result in prosecutions.