VVS1Very Very Slightly Imperfect (diamonds)
VVS1Very Very Slight Inclusion (gemology)
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Lastly, Legend claims the Classique model has the simplest yet most elegant design, with an in-house developed logo with illuminated VVS1 grade diamonds and hand engravings of the scroll ornaments which required over 35 hours of etching.
Though internally flawless it is still VVS1 (very, very slightly imperfect 1st degree).
l 11-carat VVS1 G colour diamond and platinum ring pounds 450,000.
27ct F, VVS1 diamond was sold to a private collector for US$6.
They are categorized in different grades that come with symbols like aeF' for flawless, aeIF' for internally flawless and VVS1 for very very slightly included #1), among many others.
The stainless steel automatic watch with its dramatic 48-millimeter case is covered in 14 carats of the best VVS1, G/H color, conflict-free diamonds.
Through Bhansali's expertise in diamonds, Armaan is able to source high quality, VVS1 F/G color diamonds.
After only the finest VVS1, F/G grade diamonds--similar to those used in the high end of fine jewelry--are selected and sent to Switzerland.