VVSGVoluntary Voting System Guidelines
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In a review of currently certified systems for the ITIF Accessible Voting Technology Initiative, the University of Washington Center for Technology and Disability Studies (Cook & Harniss, 2012) found a wide range of approaches to meeting the VVSG requirements for accessibility.
However, a draft standard is included in the VVSG currently under consideration by the EAC.
Chairman Mrs Olivia Price said the fight for cash would now be taken to the Government with VVSG members planning to sit outside the Department of Health in London on Wednesday.
VVSG vice-chairman Mrs Yvonne Bye said she refused to have her three younger children vaccinated after eldest son Daryl, now 37, was left brain damaged after the triple jab.
The version of the Sequoia System which is being targeted for certification under the 2005 VVSG will implement a PKI methodology utilizing asymmetric key pairs and digital signatures to further improve security.
The current approach is allowed by the current VVSG and therefore is compliant with the required level of security.