VVoIPVoice and Video over Internet Protocol
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VideoMost SDK allowed us to develop VVoIP service and quickly offer it to the market under our brand - Vodi.
Provider of voice and video over IP engines SPIRIT DSP announced on Wednesday that its TeamSpirit Voice&Video Engine Mobile has been chosen by South Korean telecom company LG U+ (formerly known as LG Telecom) as the engine to power HD-quality VVoIP (Voice&Video Over IP) calling on its U+070 Mobile application service.
BSNL will offer the VVoIP services at a monthly rental of Rs.
SPIRIT engine technology can also be found in many other VVoIP services and VVoIP-enabled devices in the Korean market, which is known for pioneering breakthrough innovation in IP communications.
Eyeball Networks is a leading provider of infrastructure software and developer tools for enabling service providers, application developers, and device makers to deliver carrier-grade VoIP, VVoIP, and instant messaging services.
Sviridenko continued, "Our first half of 2012 sales revenue represents a clear signal and validation that quality, cross-platform VVoIP communications is now a 'must-have' service offering by all major service providers.
As the largest VVoIP enabling technology provider worldwide, SPIRIT leads this market over any other VoIP provider, including popular alternative OTT (Over-the-Top) providers like Skype and Google.
Through licensing the VideoMost software and building its own videoconferencing service that's integrated with its billing system, Rostelecom can now effectively and aggressively compete against OTT VVoIP providers.
What we offer is a sophisticated technology that accumulates more than 10 years of our expertise in scalable, HD and error-resilient VVoIP that ensures truly high audio/video quality, even in best-effort networks that have no QoS.
SPIRIT DSP Enables Carriers and Smartphone Vendors to Connect to the RCS-e Mobile VVoIP Revolution with FaceTime Quality, Skype Ubiquity and Carrier-grade Reliability
Today, over 200 licensees and 20 million users benefit from Eyeball's innovations, including its patented AnyBandwidth[TM], AnyFirewall[TM], and AntiSPIT[TM] Technologies that guarantee the best possible VoIP and VVoIP experience.