VWFSVolkswagen Financial Services
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The bonds' rating is driven by potential support from VWFS AG, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (VW AG; BBB+/Stable).
As indicated in the terms of the PIO, it could be terminated under certain conditions which might happen in Russia and are beyond VWFS AG's control, including the impossibility of payments and settlements in Russia, nationalisation of VWBR or expropriation of a part of the VWFS AG's property in Russia, war or revolution, and circumstances under which none of the internationally recognised rating agencies assigns a credit rating to the Russian Federation.
VWFS and PON plan to buy PERL through their joint venture, Volkswagen Pon Financial Services BV (VWPFS), based in the Netherlands.
but now customers can call us when they want," says Stephan Schneider, project manager at VWFS.
Having the voice portal collect account information and authenticate the caller at the start of the interaction has not only reduced holding and call handling times, but it has allowed VWFS to transform its general agent pool into skills- and task-based teams that can handle calls based on the nature of the inquiry.
That was one of the main reasons VWFS decided to implement a voice solution.
VWFS ultimately would like to eliminate the costs associated with about 30 agents within five years, but it's not close to reaching that goal yet.
VWFS would, of course, like those numbers to be much higher, but "acceptance by the customer is not yet where we want it to be," Schneider admits.
ACHIEVEMENT: Celebrating the pounds 70million milestone are (from left) David Maloney, sales and marketing director, VWFS, James Bradshaw, a Listers director, Terry Lister, Nigel Hardington, group development manager, VWFS
Under this contract, RS Connect will install the RAC device to VWFSs commercial vehicle division across 72 of its UK service centres.
Since the VWFS WEGA with a ship remaining term (life) is to start from a minimum of 20 years, with the survey boats and a re-powering a retrofit technology is urgently needed.
The ship VWFS WEGA is for 25 years for the BSH; Hamburg-Rostock as surveying, wreck and research vessel in the North and Baltic Seas in use.