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VZWVerizon Wireless
VZWVereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk (Dutch word for foundation)
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The sources added that the ordered volume from VZW for the Mecha is expected to help maintain HTC's shipments at a eight million level in the first quarter of 2011.
VZW plans to pay a $10 billion distribution to VZ and Vodafone in January 2012.
Address : Dienstverleningscentrum voor personen met verstandelijke beperkingen VZW
VZ has stated distributions to the partners above and beyond the current tax distributions will be initiated by VZW in 2012.
Fitch believes VZW will continue to reduce its post-acquisition debt levels, with its capacity demonstrated by VZW's $11.
To maintain competitive data offerings, VZW will need to successfully deploy its fourth generation network, based on the new Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard, as well as have new applications developed that use the network.
Validas also finds that slightly more than 54 percent of VZW Smartphones consume less than 200 MB per month, versus slightly more than 52 percent of iPhones.
Also an important consideration in Verizon's rating is the access to cash generated by VZW through intercompany debt repayments initially, and prospectively through its 55% share of potential distributions.
VZW spent more than $9 billion to acquire a significant amount of spectrum in the FCC's 700 megahertz spectrum auction in early 2008.
VZW raised in advance a significant portion of the proceeds required to close the transaction through term loans and note offerings.
To realize synergies, VZW will spend approximately $800 million on integration costs and $900 million on integration capital, mostly in the first year.
In addition to the note offering, to finance the acquisition of Alltel VZW is expected to obtain a 364-day bridge facility (for which it currently does not have financing commitments in place).