VaBIOVirginia Biotechnology Association
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Pekoe for his efforts in the growth of this event, and to Scott Hall, and the entire Virginia Beach Department of Economic Development team for hosting the Biotech at the Beach luncheon series," said Sherri Halloran, director of membership at VABIO.
For more information and to learn about upcoming events, please contact VABIO at 804-643-6360 or via the web at http://www.
For more information, please contact VABIO at 804-643-6360 or via the web at http://www.
The announcement comes on the heels of the partnership previously unveiled at the National Academy of Sciences in October that included the announcement that VaBIO and the Technology Council of Maryland will suspend their 2005 meetings to participate in this broader regional coalition.
The judges, all former chairs of the VABIO board of directors, selected the finalists from a field of nominees based on their outstanding achievements in the following categories:
Herzog, executive director of VaBIO, presented the award for the Medical Product or Device category to honor companies involved in the development, manufacture or distribution of medical products or devices (e.
In the last three years, VABIO successfully lobbied for the passage of Virginia's Refundable R&D Tax Credit, state matching funds for SBIR awards, a 100% capital gains tax exclusion on investments in bioscience companies in Virginia, as well as an overhaul of the state's "Angel Investor Tax Credit" that provides a 50% credit on a bioscience investment up to $50,000.
For more information on these legislative initiatives, please contact VABIO at 804-643-6360 or via the web at http://www.
VaBIO named Novozymes Biologicals, a leader in applied microbiology providing natural solutions to consumer, institutional, and industrial applications, the 2003 Virginia Biotechnology Company of the Year.
The 2003 VaBIO Summit will be the only industry-driven, state biotech event in the Mid-Atlantic region.