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VAADValsts Augu Aizsardzibas Dienests
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The Vaad represents a near-unified voting bloc, acting almost like an unofficial political action committee.
Besides helping to lay out general principles for the institution's kosher observance, the Vaad is involved in all kitchen-related day-to-day activities.
THE Remade Fashion Fair will be held in the Vaad Gallery of Birmingham's Custard Factory, opposite Digbeth coach station and a short walk from Birmingham New Street.
Yet it was the Bergson Group, together with the Orthodox Vaad Ha-Hatzala rescue committee, that organized the only rally for rescue that was held in Washington, D.
Habermas, aklin ozgurlesimi vaad eden Aydinlanma projesinin tam tersine donustugu, baska bir deyisle Aydinlanmanin baslangicta dunyanin mistifi ye edilmesine karsi oldugu halde sonradan mite ve despotlarin iktidarlarinin aygitina donustugu seklinde Horkheimer ve Adarno'nun "Aydinlanmanin Diyalektigi"nde ile surdukleri akil ve bilgi elestirisini *** kabullenmekle birlikte, Aydinlanmayi bir mit olarak ele almayi reddeder.
Big Cat Group, based in St Paul's Square, has secured a joint venture contract to manage the sites at the Digbeth creative hub, which include The Old Library, the Vaad Gallery, the Theatre, the Factory and a new large 12,000 sq ft exhibition and conference venue called Rojac.
Thus in example (6) the reduplicant is vaad, even though *vyaad is phonotactically unobjectionable.
Bize, dusunceli ve akilli Turk halkinin olgun reyleri ile mevkie gecen Turk hukumetine "bize Arapca ezan okutacaklari vaad ettikleri icin rey verildi" demek en buyuk bir hakarettir ve bu sebepten rey verenler olmussa, bu zavallilarin dar dusuncesini ispattan baska bir seye yaramaz.
Luke, President of the Vaad Leumi, the General Council of the Jewish Community of Palestine, demanded that the British forcibly acquire the land adjacent to the Wall to solve the issue.
Battling For Souls: The Vaad Hatzala Rescue Committee In Post-War Europe by academician and historian Alex Grobman tells the story of the men, women, and rabbinical leaders of the Vaad Hatzala Rescue Committee, who strived to keep and nourish the spark of Jewish spirit in the hearts of survivors in the wake of the unspeakable atrocities of the Holocaust.