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VARValue-Added Reseller (usually of technology products)
VARValue At Risk
VARVideo Assistant Referee
VARValue Added Reseller
VARVulnerability Assessment Report
VARVarious Routes of Administration (drugs)
VARVolt-Ampere Reactive
VARVariance Analysis Report
VARVisual Anthropology Review (journal)
VARVideo to Audio Carrier Ratio
VARVirginia Association of Realtors (trade association)
VARVaccine Administration Record (various locations)
VARVolume Application Rate (agriculture)
VARVacuum Arc Remelted
VARVisual-Aural Range
VARVeluwse Afval Recycling (Dutch waste recycling company; Netherlands)
VARVarna, Bulgaria - Varna (Airport Code)
VARVisual-Aural Radio Range
VARVolcanic Activity Reporting
VARVoltage Adjusting Rheostat
VARVehicle Anomaly Report
VARVendor Approval Request
VARVereinte Arabische Republik (UAR; Egypt & Syria 1958-1961)
VARValue Assurance Review
VARVisit Access Request
VARVideo-to-Audio Carrier Ratio
VARValidation Assessment Report
VARVulnerability Assessment Review
VARVoice Access Router
VARVector Auto-Regressive/ion
VARVuestra Alteza Real (Spanish: Your Royal Highness)
VARVisual Acuity Rating (optometry)
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There are two mainly ways estimating the value at risk of a portfolio with the extreme value theory: the first approach is using the block maxima model, and the second approach is using the peek over threshold model based on threshold exceedances.
25 Value At Risk HORSES TO FOLLOW Adrien Du Pont, Agrapart, A Hair Breath, Allysson Monterg, Ashoka, Audacious Plan, Bekkensfirth, Better Getalong, Blaklion, Brother Scott, Buveur D'Air, Champagne Express, Champagne West, Deep Trouble, Draytonian, Festive Affair, Flashjack, Friendly Royal, Jennys Surprise, King Of The Wolds, King's Tempest, Legal Exit, Maximiser, Native River, New Street, Noche De Reyes, No No Mac, Off The Ground, Opening Batsman, Reivers Lad, Relic Rock, Robben, Royal Vacation, Runswick Royal, Sirabad, Sir Mangan, The Barbury Queen, The Clock Leary, Top Gamble, Turtle Watch, Two Taffs, Vaniteux, What's The Scoop, William H Bonney.
However, Value At Risk is a worthy alternative and deserves his place in the portfolio.
That stocks/property will be considered as included in the value at risk which is present/stored/lying/kept at the location mentioned in the relevant policy(s).
Value at risk is an imperfect measure and is not easy to calculate, but it has some extremely important virtues.