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VAMAVietnam Automobile Manufacturers' Association
VAMAVoluntary Affirmative Marketing Agreement (Home Builders Association of Northern California)
VAMAVanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
VAMAVirginia Apartment Management Association
VAMAVirginia Alliance of Methadone Advocates
VAMAVitiligo-Associated Melanocyte Antigens
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The Essence of Tantric Sexuality is an excellent and brief book for those seeking philosophical and historical background material on traditional Vama Marga Tantric practices, especially as they relate to Neo-Tantric practices in the United States.
Tri-K offers organically-sourced materials such as the Phytami line of extracts from Alban Muller International and organic versions of extremely mild amphoacetate-based surfactants from VaMa International under the Vamasoft range.
LONDON - Virgin Atlantic has announced that from today it will be offering its Upper Class passengers a variety of delights from London's award winning Vama Restaurant onboard flights from London to Delhi.
British Aerospace Systems & Equipment; Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH; Crow Ltd; CGF Gallet International; CCT De L'Aisne; China Xinxing Shanghai Import and Export Corporation; Crypto AG; Cofrexport; Couach Plascoa; Dassault Electronique; Deschamps; ESDT; EG & G; EKONT; Federal Signal AT VAMA SA; Gaillon Textiles; Giat Industries; Glock Ges mbH; Imprimiere Nationale; Gryphon Group International; Gulf Business Machine; Haute Performance Systems; I2 Limited; Ion Track Instruments; IDS-Intelligent Detection Systems Inc; KASCO SRL; Louit S.
Soil and plant responses to VAMA and HPAN soil conditioners in the presence of high exchangeable sodium.
62 For the battle of Vama and its repercussions, see, for example, Halecki; Babinger, 1959, 38-41 and passim; Setton, 71-107 and passim; and Hohlweg, 20-37.
On June 6, 2012, ArcelorMittal and the Valin Group announced that ArcelorMittal would increase its shareholding in the downstream automotive steel joint venture VAMA (Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive) from 33% to 49%.
Tenders are invited for Redecorating Installations Across Scb Section Ct3 Suceava - Installation of Ced and Bla Vama Vama Station - Dorna Prisaca
Scores of Bulgarians crossed Wednesday the border with Romania at the Durankulak - Vama Veche checkpoint to join the Romanians' protest against plans for drilling for shale gas in the country.
We refer here to the events such as the Trandafirul (Rose) or Vama (Customs) operation.