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VARISTORVariable Resistor
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15 shows the combined interference waveform of current i and voltage u of a powerful varistor type Protec BR 150/320 (manufacturer--company <<Iskraprotection>>; Slovenia) tested the effects of <<the incident>> at him a standard impulse current of 10/350 [micro]s of artificial lightning [3, 13].
siendo K = constante del material y V voltaje en las terminales del varistor [4].
References [29] [2] [31] Devices DBES105a DBES105a Not Varistor Varistor known Output 114 ~ 135 75 ~ 110 75 ~ 110 frequency (GHz) Input 19.
Grupo de DPS3: formado por un varistor de oxido de zinc en encapsulado de disco de 10 mm, para funcionamiento en 220 V(ca) y de capacidad de descarga [I.
Static electric discharge resistance +/- 8 kV contact discharge, as per IEC/EN 61000-4-2 compliance) Part number Cut off Capacitance Attenuation Rated Varistor frequency 800-1000 1.
Over the life of these components, preferential energy paths etch the varistor.
MOV protection -- Metal Oxide Varistor circuit that protects the SCRs from excessive transient voltage
Determinar los valores de potencial electrico a traves de cada varistor en el apartarrayo, incluyendo las bridas metalicas.
An individual thermal cutoff on each metal oxide varistor protects against temporary overvoltage conditions and ensures clean end-of-life performance.
Zoom's lightning protection circuit has proven to be significantly more effective in preventing electrical surge-induced modem failure than Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) protection devices.