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VARIVan Andel Research Institute (Grand Rapids, MI)
VARIVacuum Assisted Resin Injection (molding process)
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The Varityper and the Underwood had served their purpose, but both were too fragile to withstand the rigors of daily newspaper production.
Asheshov said he expects El Mundo to acquire its own imagesetter this fall, citing Agfa and Varityper models as current candidates.
Owen said the electronics firm was outputting a heavy volume of four-color advertising on its own Varityper device.
Photone Prepress and Pre-Press Technologies software were on hand, ECRM adopted Codd-Barrett TintPrep technology and, eventually, Autologic and Varityper integrated Kodak's Prophecy in order to add color solutions to their output product lines.
Designed for professional-quality color image manipulation, separation and image serving for networked VPS 2000 Master Workstations, the 2500 interfaces to all Varityper imagesetting systems and all VariColor input devices.
In one process described in the Journal, after editing, drafts were tamed over to technical typists--specialists in reproducing technical texts quickly and accurately--who used electric typewriters or Varitypers that could produce proportionally spaced text to type the edited text onto paper or special pages ("Duplimats" or carbon-backed vellum) to prepare them for reproduction (Warnock and Meldrum 1958; McCafferty 1983).