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Both Muffat and Vastine were in their 20s - 25 and 28, respectively - and had participated in the 2012 London Summer Olympics.
DOOMED Reality TV show contestants including Camille Muffat, Florence Arthaud and Alexis Vastine
Vastine, 28, won bronze at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
The provincial government later said they included stars Arthaud, 57, Muffat, 25, and Vastine, 28.
In a review of the socio-cultural and household factors that influence ASF consumption, Gittelsohn and Vastine [7] discussed approaches for enhancing ASF intakes among household members.
The South Durham fighter, having qualified for the 2007 Worlds in Chicago, defeated the likes of local favourite Javier Molina and Frenchman Alexis Vastine to join compatriots Frankie Gavin and bantam Joe Murray on the medal podium.
Welterweight Scott Cardle has drawn Frenchman Alexis Vastine, who beat Sedgefield's Commonwealth Games silver medallist Bradley Saunders at the Beijing Olympics, in his first contest.
Elizabeth Vastine, Robert Kane, Kyle Meehan, Justin Murakami, Maureen
136) Joseph, supra note 118, at 56; Michael Vastine, Being Careful What You Wish For: Divisible Statutes--Identifying a Non-Deportable Solution to a Non-Citizen's Criminal Problem, 29 CAMPBELL L.
Britain's other Saunders, light-welterweight Bradley, who is not related to Billy Joe, also went out, losing 11-7 to Frenchman Alexis Vastine.
But Bradley Saunders is out of the light-welterweight tournament after losing 11-7 to France's Alexis Vastine.