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Among specific topics are sparse hamburger moment multi-sequences, surjective isometries on absolutely continuous vector valued function spaces, extensions of isometries in generalized gyrovector spaces of the positive cones, kernels of adjoints of composition operators with rational symbols of degree two, and associating linear and nonlinear operators.
A(t)x + f(t) with the zero initial condition has a bounded solution for any bounded vector valued function f, cf.
If F is a vector valued function defined on T, by ([f.
Groups of functions taking values in a particular Lie group G (see Section 2 for details) act naturally on vector valued functions.
In general, for a vector valued function F(x) = [[f.
1 extend the relative result of meromorphic vector valued function in Ziegler [14].
Most recently, Wu and Chen [9] extend Theorem D to admissible meromorphic vector valued function and prove
It is natural to consider whether there exists a similar results, if meromorphic vector valued function f(z) is replaced by E-valued meromorphic function f(z).
Duality theory of vector valued function spaces I, Comment.
n] denotes a vector valued function, ([OMEGA], F, P) is a probability space with [OMEGA] [subset or equal to] [R.
jik] [not equal to] 0, in terms of the principal curvatures and three vector valued functions in [R.
jik] = 0, in terms of the principal curvature functions and three vector valued functions of one variable.