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VedVedic (linguistics)
VedVehicle Excise Duty (UK road tax)
VedVisual Editor
VedVideo Editor
VedVitamin E Deficiency
VedVital, Essential, Desirable (materials management)
VedVictory in Europe Day
VedVoluntary Education Program
VedVital and Essential Drug
VedVacuum Erectile Device
VedVereinigtes Erd-Direktorat (German: United Earth Directorate; Starcraft)
VedVirtual Enterprise Desktop (Shunra)
VedVertical Electric Dipole
VedVideo Explosion Deluxe (Nova Development)
VedVoice Enhancement Device
VedVasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction
VedVector Euclidean Distance
VedVermont Electric Divisions
VedVisual Economic Dispatch (Priority-based Control Engineering)
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Finally I'd like to emphasise that the vast majority of cyclists also hold driving licences and pay VED, and as such are just as qualified and entitled to use the road as Mr Langford.
The RAC has expressed fears that, with the end of the paper disc, the number of motorists failing to pay VED could become as high as the number who drive without insurance.
The MPs said they strongly supported the Treasury's use of VED as an environmental tax and welcomed the changes announced in the Budget.
In response to the latest Government VED reform now in place whereby a customer registering a new car after April 1 will pay a higher vehicle tax rate based on CO2 emissions, Suzuki has announced that it will pay three years of this increased charge for customers.
If J Miller wants vehicles that don't pay VED banned from the public highway, I hope he/she never needs the services that use VED-exempt vehicles.
Under the new scheme, VED will be split into three bands; zero emissions, standard and premium.
And motorists who own cars which emit less than 100g/km of CO2 pay zero for the VED on these low-emission VED Band A cars.
But some 50% feel it's fair that VED on cars is based on the CO2 it produces, according to a poll by road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists.
0-litre dCi 173PS diesel manual now stand at 168g/km - a drop of 30g/km, or 15%, moving the car down two VED tax bands from Band J (pounds 425) to Band H (pounds 250).
A fairer system would be to abolish VED altogether and put the extra tax on fuel.
The TaxPayers'Alliance said the VED rates were "a cynical tax grab" but Friends of the Earth said the Government should "stand firm" over its car tax plans.