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VEKVerlag Ernst Kuhn (German publisher)
VEKVlaamse Economische Kring (Dutch: Flemish Economic Society; Belgium)
VEKVirtuala Esperanto-Kongreso (Esperanto: Virtual Esperanto Congress)
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The missions are more about protection than destruction, as you bid to defend buildings stuffed full of civilians from the tunneling Vek who pop up under them, causing their collapse.
Starsf vek a I'udske prava: silnejsia participacia, menej diskriminacie [online].
However, as a teen in the mid-'90s, Vek was inspired by grunge and began making rock along the lines of Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam.
Given their almost meteoric rise to mainstream, it's almost fitting that Spector's aforementioned debut, produced by Tom Vek and Trevor Horn among others, should be called Enjoy It While It Lasts.
Tom Vek Aroused Beat rocker returns with this jaw-droppingly cool single from his recent second album Leisure Seizure.
Bordel ratnika: folklor, politika i rat, Biblioteka XX vek, Beograd, 1994
Reinforcement was continuous basalt fiber made by the Kamenny Vek company.
The European Commission concluded, on 27 October, that Hungarian state support granted to fertiliser producer Peti Nitrogenm vek in 2009 infringed EU state aid rules.
Kamenny Vek * King Industries * Lansco * NanoResins
Likhachev, "XVII vek v russkoi literature" [The Seventeenth Century in Russian Literature], in XVII vek v mirovom literaturnom razvitii [The Seventeenth Century in World Literary Development] (Moscow, 1969), 299-328.
Radushev, Agrarnite institutsii v Osmanskata imperia prez XVII-XVII vek [Agrarian Instituations in the Ottoman Empire in the 17th-18th Centuries] (Sofia, 1995), 135-170.
One of my favorite Russian expressions is, Vek zhivi, vek uchis': Live for a century, learn for a century.