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VELVirgin Enterprises Limited
VELVisually Effective Lumens (lighting technology)
VELVancouver East Libertarian
VELVehicle Excise License
VELVisual Electrodiagnostic Laboratory
VELVariable Enlistment Legislation
VELVernal, Utah, USA - Vernal Regional Airport
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It is estimated that one in 5000 people are Vel-negative, and routine blood transfusions for patients with antibodies against Vel can lead to kidney failure and even death.
Over the course of three years, the team mapped the locations of hundreds of thousands of gene enhancer elements in DNA from normal and cancerous colon tissues, pinpointing key target VELs that differed between the two types.
The avant garde design lines of the Vel Satis and Avantime are clearly evident and the Scenic uses those angular and individual looks to full effect to create a compact MPV that both stands out and delivers the goods when it comes to space and practicality.
Should it progress to the point that it has for Vel or my wife, Jeanne, it seriously affects every aspect of their lives.
This article details the profile die module of the VEL and presents a real application of the software on a "bulb" seal typical to many sealing applications, such as for the exterior of automobiles, doors, hoods and trunks.
Rhizomata dense squamosa, squamis bicoloribus, parte centrali fascia conspicua fusca, atrobrunnea vel nigrescenti, opaca, indurata praeter insertionem brunneam, partibus squamae ad fasciam parallelis pallide brunneolis, hyalinis, saepe aetate erosis, marginibus denticulatis, dentibus simplicibus vel bifidis.
Vel received 12 months in a young offenders' institute.
The Vel Satis boasts automatic headlamps, automatic parking brake, rain sensitive wipers, climate control, and a heat reflecting screen to name but a few of the top-of-the-range specifications.
Now the all-new Espace has achieved the highest ever score in the Euro NCAP tests and even moved Max Mosley, Euro NCAP chairman and president of the FIA to say: "Particular praise must be given to Renault, not only was the Laguna the first car to achieve a five-star score, four of their models have now achieved five-star status (Espace, Laguna, Megane, Vel Satis) and the Renault Espace has become the highest scoring car ever tested by Euro NCAP.
In addition, Delphi will make testing capability at some of its EDL and VEL facilities available to third parties to further increase equipment asset utilization.
IF you're the type who doesn't want to join the rest of the executive pack by driving a Beamer, Merc or Audi - and who relishes being a bit different - then the Vel Satis could be right up your street.
Colgate-Palmolive is bringing Vel Rosita, a liquid laundry detergent for both hand washing and machine washing of delicate clothing, to the U.