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VTVermont (US postal abbreviation)
VTVirtual Tourist (travel website)
VTVirginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
VTVatican City
VTVirtual Terminal
VTVideo Toaster
VTVeterinary Technician
VTVision Therapy
VTVacuum Tube
VTVideo Text (screen text)
VTVideo Tape
VTAir Tahiti (French Polynesia, IATA airline code)
VTTidal Volume
VTVirtualization Technology
VTVisual Testing
VTVentricular Tachycardia (also seen as V-Tach; cardiology)
VTVocational Training
VTTraining Squadron (US Navy)
VTVertical Tab
VTVisual Thesaurus
VTVisualization Tool (graphical user interface; software)
VTVideo Terminal
VTTorpedo Squadron (US Navy)
VTVirtual Tape
VTVia Technologies (computer hardware; Taiwan)
VTVerification Test
VTVatu (national currency of Vanuatu)
VTVirtual Tributary
VTVoltage Transformer
VTVideo Teleconference
VTVal Thorens (French ski resort)
VTVisible Transmittance
VTVirtual Time
VTVertical Tank (Steel Battalion game)
VTValtatie (Finnish: Road)
VTVale Transporte (Portuguese: transportation voucher)
VTVisa Touch (Japan)
VTVariable Time (proximity fuze)
VTValid Time (weather forecasts)
VTViterbo, Lazio (Italian province)
VTVariable Transmission (Honda, Toyota)
VTVosper Thornycroft (UK defense contractor)
VTValley Transit
VTVirgin Trains (UK)
VTVanderpool Technology (Intel)
VTValidation Test
VTValidation Testing (system testing)
VTVerb Transitive
VTVoice Tube
VTVisiting Teacher
VTVoting Trust
VTViscous Traction (Lamborghini Diablo AWD system)
VTVapor Trails (Rush album)
VTVoice Terminal
VTThermal Voltage (transistors)
VTVoltage Terminal
VTTuning Voltage
VTVodka/Tonic (drink)
VTVariable Transformer
VTVirtual Therapist (various companies)
VTVegetable-Tanned (leather)
VTVariable Trim
VTVehicle Tests
VTTorpedo and Bombing Squadron (US Navy)
VTVerification Team
VTVolume Temperature
VTVestsjællands Trafikselskab (Danish: Western Sealand's Public Traffic Company)
VTViejo Testamento (Spanish: Old Testament; Bible)
VTTorpedo Plane Squadron (US Navy)
VTVenom Time (laboratory test)
VTVaried Time
VTVisual Tuning
VTVelocity Track
VTVerdantine (gaming, Asheron's Call)
VTTorpedo and Bombing Plane Squadron (US Navy)
VTNavy Torpedo Squadron (US Navy; 1920s to 1950s)
VTVehicle Ticket (civil court code)
VTVariable Trainer (animation)
VTViceroy’s Territory (India)
VTVile Temptress
VTVamp Team (gaming)
VTVirtual Tracker
VTVanquished Tolerance (Countstrike gaming clan)
VTVacuum Tuberculin
VTVentilatory Threshhold
VTNavy & Marine Training Aircraft Squadron
VTMaximum Airtow Speed (aviation)
VTVagrant Terror (band)
VTVinTech Network
VTVinayagar Tharmanithiyam (Sri Lankan non-governmental organization)
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Vermont Public Service Department Commissioner Chris Recchia said most of the waste materials after the Vermont Yankee plant is decommissioned would be set to the Texas facility, except for the spent fuel rods and higher-level radioactive materials.
You can find more information on this sale and on the solid-wood furniture that Vermont Woods Studios has to offer by visiting their Web site.
According to the study, retail sales per capita in counties along the Vermont-New Hampshire "border were nearly identical through the 1960s, but since then, commercial growth on the Vermont side has slowed.
Other Vermont farms are also planning to invest in cow power operations, and the idea has gone national.
The district court held that, under Vermont law, a contingent fee agreement between taxpayer and attorney gives rise to an equitable lien in favor of the attorney on the taxpayer's recovery, effecting a transfer to the attorney of a proprietary interest in the taxpayer's claim under Est.
Environmentalists in Vermont faulted Dean for weak enforcement and for policies that favored large factory farms, as well as for his position in favor of Yucca Mountain as the single repository for nuclear waste in the country--a position that put him at odds with then-Republican Senator Jim Jeffords.
Another civil unions supporter, Vermont state senate president pro tempore Peter Shumlin, called me after the senate passed the bill.
Jim Hodges predicted that the state's natural advantages eventually will allow it to surpass Vermont as the leading U.
Vermont Financial is the 71st largest depository institution in the state, controlling deposits of $238 million, also representing less than 1 percent of state deposits.
Lynn, executive director of Americans United for Separation of Church and state hailed the vermont decision as a major legal milestone in the long-running and bitterly fought battle over tax aid to religious schools.
In Vermont, the formal planning process began with a 2-day retreat.
You just cannot believe how often you need a can of Liquid Wrench, 3-in-1 oil, or some wood screws, or stove bolts,'' said Tom Powers, a writer who lives in Vermont.