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V/HVelocity/Height (aerial reconnaissance)
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The model is built on the company's Vertical/Horizontal architecture.
A 10,000 cfm, 71/2 hp recirculating blower provides combination vertical/horizontal airflow to the load.
6 inch rotating screen, 65,000 colors, a 640 x 480 high resolution, and an automatic switching of vertical/horizontal display, consumers can conveniently edit documents, receive/send email or view photos.
Vertical/Horizontal lens shifting and Keystone Correction allows the PLC-XTC50L to be used in virtually any location
One is a convertible vertical/horizontal injection-unit option on the Vista Sentry line (33-85 tons).
Welltec's headquarters and manufacturing centre is situated north of Copenhagen in Denmark and contains state-of-the-art technology in terms of the most up to date in CAD/CAM, CNC lathes and vertical/horizontal machining centers.
An enhanced version of the I-Portal VNG, called I-Portal Super VNG, includes full-field OKN oculomotor stimuli and Subjective Visual Vertical/Horizontal Tests.
Additional features include an economy mode that extends bulb life to 3000 hours vertical lens shift, keystone vertical/horizontal, power zoom and focus, and a throw ratio of 1.
The company has created, and customizes, modules for a wide variety of vertical/horizontal markets.
com, highlighted that "at the core of the HouseHold Direct's growth strategy is an aggressive acquisition campaign aimed at assembling a network of operating subsidiaries that support the HouseHold Direct's objective of establishing the world's largest segment, vertical/horizontal integration, merchandising platform.
The FCA operates utilizing SWIGs (Special Working Interest Groups), which focus on specific aspects of the technology that suit specific vertical/horizontal markets, including storage, video and military/aerospace.