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A very bad thing for anybody, but a cursed bad thing for a girl like Louisa.
Charles may say what he pleases," cried Mary to Anne, as soon as he was out of the room, "but it would be shocking to have Henrietta marry Charles Hayter; a very bad thing for her, and still worse for me; and therefore it is very much to be wished that Captain Wentworth may soon put him quite out of her head, and I have very little doubt that he has.
The Very Bad Things MessageMate, an e-mailable stripper greeting, is available beginning Friday via www.
The Web site lets Internet explorers participate in a virtual bachelor party, play games involving dismembered body parts and even post the very bad things they've done, seen or heard on an online bulletin board.
com tours explorers through "Mind Over Matter," a "Concentration"-like game in which players match images from the movie; "Very Worst Things," an online bulletin board where visitors post controversial details of the very bad things they've done or seen; "Virtual Bachelor Party," in which scenes from the movie unfold as a stripper does some very bad things; and "Success," in which players race to place body parts in graves as Slater's character supplies helpful tips.