VIBGYORViolet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange Red (rainbow colors in order)
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The Ministry has also pointed out to CISCE that the State Government of Karnataka has recommended that the affiliation granted to Vibgyor High School be withdrawn, a HRD ministry release said.
Its letters can be sorted into two equal groups in an astonishing variety of ways: (1) half of its letters are consonants, half vowels, (2) half are first-half letters, half last-half letters, (3) half are even-numbered letters, half odd, (4) half are Roman numeral letters, half aren't, (5) letters in the first half begin VIBGYOR color names, but letters in the last half don't, (6) written in lowercase, it alternates between short and tall letters, (7) half of the letters are typed with the left hand, and half with the right, (8) topologically, half can be printed with a single straight line (angled where necessary), and half cannot, (9) letters in the last half contain vertical lines, but letters in the first half do not.
On July 3, two gym instructors had allegedly raped a minor girl inside the premises of Bangalore's Vibgyor School when she had gone to the washroom.
14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The elite Vibgyor High, an Indian organization that provides a world class education to students in many locations throughout India, has completed construction of two new schools well ahead of schedule and 30 percent faster than expected with help from Realization's Project Execution Office(PEO).
VIBGYOR is a leading ISO 9001:2000 Certified Scientific Contract Research Organization with offices in India, USA and UK, providing a broad spectrum of clinical research services such as total project management of phase II-IV drug and device studies, FIM device studies, ECG core lab, Medical Writing and Communication, Regulatory Services, Pharmacovigilance, Pharmacodevicevigilance, Clinical Research Training, IT Services including software and e-CRF development.
The violet and indigo, the orange and red, exited the vibgyor , leaving the centrist blue, green, and yellow.
Unit 1-A-1, 3rd Floor, Vibgyor Towers, C-62, G Block, Bandra Kuria Complex, Bandra (East), Mumbai 400051
Vibgyor Towers, Mumbai Level 7 and 7 Vibgyor Towers G Block C62 Bandra Kurla Complex Mumbai 400 051 India Tel: 022 4090 7217
Sun Chemical Corporate, Sun Chemical Corporate, usgs, Vibgyor Chemtex International, W Hawley & Son, West & Senior, Worlee-Chemie GmbH, VTC Silvergate, Vita Thermoplastic Compounds, Hellyar Plastics, Polykemi
On July 3, two gym instructors had allegedly raped the minor girl inside the premises of Bangalore's Vibgyor School when she had gone to the washroom.
A regional director of the ministry is facing the charge of having " transgressed his powers and violated norms to compound the offences in regard to unlawful fund raising by a chit fund company Vibgyor Allied Infrastructure Ltd in May 2012.