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VOTCVictim of the Crime (clothing brand)
VOTCVision of the Child (est. 2012; Nigeria)
VOTCVictim or the Crime (Grateful Dead song)
VOTCVintage Original Trilogy Collection (action figures)
VOTCVoice of the Customer
VOTCVoice of the Children (Mountain View, CA)
VOTCVirus of the Cactus (band)
VOTCVictims of the Cause (band)
VOTCVoices on the Coast (youth literature festival; Australia)
References in classic literature ?
He, too, had been one of the readers at the Museum--had examined the back numbers of the newspaper--and had arrived at the conclusion that Emily's father had been the victim of the crime.
To that extent, restitution shall always be paid to the victim of the crime which it deemed to be the UAE Government in this case.
For instance, someone who has rung the police to complain about children causing a nuisance outside their house may be recorded as a victim of the crime of harassment.
The victim of the crime was not a student at Burroughs, but the child of an acquaintance of Goar, LaRue said.
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