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VILVertically Integrated Liquid
VILVilhena (Brazil)
VILVirus Information Library
VILVlaams Instituut Voor de Logistiek (Dutch; Belgium)
VILVertically Integrated Liquid Water
VILVladimir Ilich Lenin (late Communist/Marxist)
VILVertical In-Line (pumps)
VILVoltage input low
VILVolume Imaging Lidar
VILVisaka Industries Limited (Secunderabad, India)
VILVehicle Identification Link
VILVascular Imaging Laboratory (University of Washington, Seattle)
VILVisual Integration Laboratory
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A Pomeranian puppy; and, inset, left,Adam Conway and Jessica Gerrard leave Liverpool Crown Court; inset, top right,Cruella de Vil
The quantum of the tax claims against VIL is around ` 9,000 crore ( Au 900 million) .
When system cost and footprint are considered, VIL equipment affords considerable advantages versus horizontal designs of similar capacity.
During ze fifz yer, ze unnecessary `o' kan be dropd from vords containing `ou' and after ziz fifz yer, ve vil hav a reil sensibl riten styl.
He also sported, black and white spotted footwear that would have been the envy of Cruella De Vil.
WINNER: George Mitchell inspects his medal and (below) Cruella De Vil takes a ride on the dodgems WAVE: Andrew Stow and Sunday Mercury's Martyn Leek QUICK STEPS: on the dancefloor PARTY GIRL: Joanne Malin from Central News joins in with the fun MAGIC: FFather Christmas hands out a presentPRRIDE: Tiffany Bate with her medal FIRING LINE: a partygoer prepares to shoot her pea-shooterCONGA TIME: the children from Our Lady of the Wayside follow Father Christmas across the dance floor PUSSY CAT: Wonderkid Matthew Byrne with a painted face PAINTED FACES: pupils from Our Lady of the Wayside BIG CHIEF: Sunday Mercury editor David Brookes with passengerHEADS YOU WIN: schoolchildren show off their balloon hats
With ``Someday My Prince Will Come,'' ``Under the Sea'' and ``Cruella De Vil,'' audiences of all ages will tap their toes and sing along.
After zis fifz yet, ve vil hay a reli sensibl riten styl.
The corps' pretty pastel-pink and silver brocades and Odette's snowy white feathers gave Swan Lake's first act an elegant candy coating, while Rothbart's venomous green and soot-black cape was the perfect foil for Odile's saucy headdress, its feather cocked to one side like a question mark as Mashkina whipped out her fouettes, each flick of the leg as sharp, swift and sure of Siegfried, with a glower worthy of Cruella de Vil.
And everyone is upstaged by Cruella de Vil (Glenn Close) - or rather by her wondrous hair and costumes.
Cruella De Vil is out of jail and on the lookout for spotted fur in the live-action comedy 102 Dalmatians.
After zis fifz yer, ve vil hav a reli sensibl riten styl.