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VILVertically Integrated Liquid
VILVilhena (Brazil)
VILVirus Information Library
VILVlaams Instituut Voor de Logistiek (Dutch; Belgium)
VILVertically Integrated Liquid Water
VILVladimir Ilich Lenin (late Communist/Marxist)
VILVertical In-Line (pumps)
VILVoltage input low
VILVolume Imaging Lidar
VILVisaka Industries Limited (Secunderabad, India)
VILVehicle Identification Link
VILVascular Imaging Laboratory (University of Washington, Seattle)
VILVisual Integration Laboratory
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Southampton boss Koeman worked last season with Dutch World Cup star Clasie and 20-year-old prodigy Vilhena.
A new framework for analyzing biogeographic patterns from species distributions, developed by paper co-author Daril Vilhena of University of Washington, provided a way to discern the complex recovery.
Liverpool are preparing an offer for Feyenoord's highly-rated 17-year-old midfielder Tony Trindade de Vilhena, and are also looking at Udinese's Colombia international Pablo Armero, who can play as a left-back or left winger.
Na volta ao estudio, a apresentadora Carla Vilhena, visivelmente emocionada, le a ultima noticia do dia: um recado de uma moradora anonima para a policia.
Sete anos depois, em 1719, Joao de Sa Vilhena recebeu autorizacao para se tornar cavaleiro da Ordem de Cristo embora tivesse sido revelado "que sua Mai foi lavandeira, o Avo paterno sapateiro, e o materno descendente de mulato e homem que servia em todo o trabalho por jornal.
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In the eighteenth century, Grand Master de Vilhena built the Manoel Theatre; when it opened in 1731, it was only the third theatre in Europe.
By 1906, Pedro Massano de Amorim, Ernesto Vilhena, and other Portuguese officials conceived of a project that would lead to the total and effective occupation of the region (Amorim 1911: 195-216).
One year later, in a letter dated 10 May 1792, the queen allowed him--'Carlos Juliao, born in Turin, son of Joao Baptista' (26)--to renounce 33,000 reys of his annual income in favour of a certain Anna Apolonia de Vilhena Abreu Soares.
Brazil: Estado de Mato Grosso: MNRJ 11670, holotype; MNRJ 11671, 5 paratypes; UFRJ 2102, 6; UFRJ 2103, 5 (c & s); small stream tributary of rio Mutum, at crossing with road BR-364, 51 km from Vilhena, rio Juruena drainage, rio Tapajos basin; K.
According to Daniel Vilhena, Aracatu's finance director, the company has been trading ethanol outside Brazil for years, but taking control of mills in Jamaica with the workers' association will be its first direct foreign investment.
With a population of just 400 and few cars allowed access, the goldencoloured walled town is aptly known as the Silent City, dominated by the Cathedral of St Paul's and Vilhena Palace, home of the National Museum of Natural History.