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VILLvenous insufficiency of the lower limbs
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I vill not try it--vy, I might kill myself already.
Perhaps you vill give me someting to eat den--I haf had noffing since yesterday morning, und I haf vorked myself near to death here.
The Children's Place Inc (Nasdaq:PLCE), a pure-play children's specialty apparel retailer in North America, announced on Monday that it has appointed Robert Vill as group vice president, Finance, effective 8 September 2014.
My nets may be unauthorised, and my decoys not his'n' Vot odds, ven those decoys vill draw, those nets the birds imprison?
The Christopher Street piers in the Vill where Sakia hung out have now been converted into a park.
Alienated from zair despotic chief executives, unable to own ze product of zair programmink, zey vill wreak a terrible vengeance on ze bourgeoisie.
For more than a month, more than 45 employees from our information services, client services, account set-up, customer service, processing, and engineering departments were committed to Y2K testing efforts," Vill added.
The company also announced the promotion of Robert Vill to senior vice president, Finance and treasurer, effective 2 April 2012.
Our government group has been Gelco's fastest growing division for the past three years," said Neil Vill.
Vill will have full treasury responsibility for the organization.