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VGVery Good
VGVideo Game
VGVerwaltungsgericht (German: Administrative Court)
VGVerdens Gang
VGVirgin Islands (British) (ISO country code, top level domain)
VGVector Graphics
VGVolume Group (logical partition of a hard disks or disk array)
VGVideo Guide
VGVacation Guide (various locations)
VGVoltage Gain
VGViscosity Grade (lubrication)
VGVoice Grade
VGVertical Gyro
VGVirtual Goods
VGVacuum Gauge
VGVanguard Saga of Heroes (gaming)
VGVicar General (religious)
VGVolume Graphics (computer graphics)
VGVariable Geometry
VGVortex Generator (aviation/aerospace)
VGVoice Gateway
VGVoice Gateway (Cisco)
VGVisible Gold (mineral exploration)
VGVarsity Girls (various schools)
VGValue Global
VGViewer's Guide
VGVertical Grain
VGVelocity Group
VGGate Voltage
VGView Graph
VGVerdict Guilty
VGVoter's Guide
VGVillain Group (supergroup type of the game City of Villains)
VGLight Transport Plane (US Navy)
VGVital Gaming (gaming community)
VGGround Velocity
VGVictory Gundam (anime)
VGVerbi Gratia (Latin: For Example)
VGVirum Gymnasium
VGVereniging Golfkarton (sector organization of the Dutch corrugated board industry)
VGVraie Grandeur
VGVesicula Germinativa (Portugese)
VGVariable Geometric
VGVertical (Edge) Grain (lumber industry)
VGVital Grandin Catholic School
VGVacation Grant
VGVariable Geometry Rotor
VGVibration Greatness
VGVirtual Ginza
VGVandeveer Garzia, PC (Law Firm Troy, MI)
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As announced during the show's panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last July, Captain Cold will appear in the sophomore run of the series as a member of the new villain group Legion of Doom, alongside Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), the Reverse-Flash / Eobard Thawne (Matt Letscher) and Malcolm Merlyn / The Dark Archer (John Barrowman).
As revealed during the "Legends of Tomorrow" panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last July, Captain Cold will be re-introduced as a member of the new villain group Legion of Doom.
Season 1 Episode 13 titled "TRACKS," agents will be taking up a task to follow the trail of the Clairvoyant of the villain group Centipede.
In terms of new content, significant steps have been taken to improve the payability of a popular Hazard Zone, called the Hollows, and Non-Player Character encounters have been rebalanced, including improved rates of respawning, new villain groups and the inclusion of a new mobile hospital at the entrance to the zone.