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Including this type of skill development in urban school curricula is important because children attending inner-city, under-resourced schools are at high risk for emotional and behavioral problems," says psychologist Stephen Left, lead author, and codirector of the Violence Prevention Initiative.
Pfleger's appearance at Holy Family tied into the church's Lenten social justice project and participation in the Archdiocese of Chicago's violence prevention initiatives.
The need for comprehensive violence prevention initiatives is all the more urgent because the likelihood of violence is escalating as global temperatures rise.
Historically, I also participated in a wide range of violence prevention initiatives and still continue following the medical literature related to violence prevention.
Violence prevention initiatives that follow the public health approach can be effective.
There are many examples within the international development context of violence prevention initiatives that engaged with local communities, through local experts and built government-community partnerships to challenge and change violence.
Fight urban violence: The budget includes an increase of $25 million within the Department of Justice to fund Community-based Violence Prevention Initiatives, building on the experience of the last several years with successful initiatives such as Chicago's Operation Ceasefire and the Boston Gun Project.
The book will help hospital emergency departments and allied health care professionals implement community-based youth violence prevention initiatives, he said.
The most effective schoolwide violence prevention initiatives address the needs of all students, are comprehensive and multifaceted, include a broad range of services and supports, and are provided over a sufficient period of time.
Although these practitioners are expected to provide counseling services for both the victims and the perpetrators of violent acts, they are being called upon increasingly to provide the sort of professional leadership that is necessary to develop and implement comprehensive violence prevention initiatives in schools.
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