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VDVenereal Disease
VDVaud (Waadt; Swiss Canton)
VDVampire Diaries (TV show)
VDValentine's Day
VDVaginal Discharge
VDVascular Dementia
VDValvular Disease
VDVoluntary Disclosure (trade)
VDVapor Density
VDVerkställande Direktör
VDVertical Deflection
VDVolunteer (Officers') Decoration
VDVery Difficult (rock climbing grade)
VDVertical Distance (airdrop computations)
VDVenn Diagram
VDVentral Dorsal (radiography)
VDVertical Descent
VDVoltage Drop
VDVenus Doom (music album)
VDValue Date
VDVolume of Distribution
VDVarious Dates
VDPhysiologic Dead Space
VDVeterinary Doctor
VDVideo Disc
VDVirtual Directory
VDVeterans Day (holiday)
VDVoodoo Doll
VDVehicle Detail
VDVon Dutch
VDVoluntary Departure (US immigration law)
VDVisual Designer (for PowerBasic)
VDValue Drugs
VDVentriculo Derecho (Spanish: Right Ventricle)
VDVom Dienst (German: in charge)
VDVote Democratic
VDPhotographic Squadron (US Navy Aviation unit designation used from 1943 to 1946)
VDVolume Damper (HVAC drawings)
VDVlade Divac (basketball player)
VDViolent Delight (band)
VDVariability-Distortion (curve)
VDHeading to a DME Distance
VDVeak and Dizzy (emergency room non-urgent complaint)
VDViterbi Detector
VDVisite Décennale (French: Defects Visit; nuclear power plant outage)
VDVir Devotus (Latin: Devout Man, epigraphy)
VDVivens Dedit (Latin: He Gave When Alive, epigraphy)
VDVoroni Diagram
VDVirgins In Denial (band)
VDVan Dam Specialized Canadian Revenues Catalog (philatelic catalog)
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She was conscious of the notion expressed by Friar Laurence: "These violent delights have violent ends.
Craig Zahler's debut feature will come as a most violent delight.
After a busy couple of months on the road touring with the likes of Violent Delight and South Shields indie men 3 Colours Red, Doncaster's Fake Ideal have finally found time to put the finishing touches to their debut album.
St Albans' punk-metallers Violent Delight are aiming to break the top 20 with their new single All You Ever Do.
The top ten from HMV in Liverpool this week is: 1 Someday - Rezonance Q 2 Truth Is No Words - Music 3 Pain Killer - Turin Brakes 4 I Can't Break Down - Sinead Quinn 5 One - Dee Dee 6 Wish I Was A Girl - Violent Delight 7 Songbird - Oasis 8 Familiar Feeling - Moloko 9 Final Arrears - Mull Historical Society 10 I'll Be Your Angel - Kira Win a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of Moloko'a lead singer.
HOT on the heels of their single, I Wish I Was A Girl, punk-metallers Violent Delight are at Newcastle's Northumbria University on Wednesday for a much-anticipated gig.
Youthful punk-metallers Violent Delight play a string of autumn live dates.
Ah, you so should have walked up to the counter with a big bottle of something and given them the 'these violent delights.
While Google Brain's current attempts don't seem as successful, all we can say is, "These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triump die, like fire and powder, Which, as they kiss, consume.
Later, she points her fingers like a gun into his chest while cheerfully quoting Romeo and Juliet: "These violent delights have violent ends.
Violent Delights, Violent Ends: Sex, Race, and Honor in Colonial Cartagena de Indias.
Part 2, "'These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends': Shakespearean Adaptations and Film Intermedia," includes: Don Moore, "Melted into Media: Reading Julie Taymor's Film Adaptation of The Tempest in the Wake of 9/11 and the War on Terror" (115-51); Daniel Fischlin, Tom Magill, and Jessica Riley, "Transgression and Transformation: Mickey B and the Dramaturgy of Adaptation: An Interview with Tom Magill" (152-204).
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