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VEOViolent Extremist Organization
VEOVillage Executive Officer (Tanzania)
VEOVeterans Experience Office
VEOVisible Emissions Observation (EPA)
VEOValue Engineering Officer (USACE)
VEOValence Electron Only
VEOViscous Ethyl Oleate
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A method CJTF-HOA uses of accomplishing this is by engaging with partner nations to deter, disrupt and deny violent extremist organizations (VEOs) in East Africa.
During the conference, the senior military leaders discussed the current threats generated by violent extremist organizations as well as the importance of partnerships, alliances, and increased communication to identify, counter, and defeat those threats.
They depict the organizational structure of violent extremist organizations, orders of battle, and political parties.
Additionally, the CCO has awarded contracts in support of information operations missions to directly combat the spread to violent extremist organizations (VEOs) in Somalia.
Besides enhancing the capability of the US armed forces to support ANSF and Afghan Local Police as the lead responsibility for security throughout Afghanistan's transition to the ANSF, the ND-2014 also seeks to enhance the capability of the US armed forces and the security forces of allied and friendly nations to defeat al Qaeda, its affiliates, and other violent extremist organizations.
We keep working and our interagency partners here both in the embassy and with the Philippine government to address some of the underlying conditions that we think combine to provide safe havens for violent extremist organizations down there.
A companion Pentagon document envisions that the Libyan commando force will 'counter and defeat terrorist and violent extremist organizations.
For years, violent extremist organizations have frequently visited and sometimes inhabited Mindanao and the southern Philippine islands, creating a volatile atmosphere and causing safety and security concerns not only for the Philippines, but also for U.
The US Trans Sahara Counter Terrorism Partnership (TSCTP) trains and equips "partner nation forces " to preclude terrorists from establishing sanctuaries and aims to "ultimately defeat violent extremist organizations in the region.
Gabriel Weimann, professor of communications at Haifa University in Israel, has produced a disturbing analysis of the extraordinarily popular use of the Internet by violent extremist organizations seeking a global forum.
Through classroom instruction, a command post exercise and a field training exercise, United Accord 18 participants can improve capabilities to plan and employ their forces to effectively counter violent extremist organizations which will enhance regional security.
Many of you have heard me talk about five strategic challenges: the four potential state competitors of Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, and the nonstate challenge of violent extremist organizations.