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VRFVariable Refrigerant Flow (HVAC)
VRFVPN Routing and Forwarding
VRFVirtual Route Forwarding
VRFVideo Recording Format
VRFVector Register File
VRFVendor Registration Form (various locations)
VRFVirtual Routing & Forwarding
VRFVisiting Research Fellow
VRFVali-Asr Rehabilitation Foundation (Iran)
VRFAir Ferry Transport Squadron (US Navy)
VRFTransport Ferry and Service Squadron (US Navy)
VRFVector Relational Format
VRFVariable Radio Frequency (radio)
VRFVictims' Rights Foundation
VRFVery Rapid Fire
VRFNavy Ferry Squadron (US Navy aviation unit designation used from 1920s to 1970s)
VRFVisual Reference Flight (flight using landmarks)
VRFVeterinary Research Farm
VRFVintageRolexForum (website)
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In addition, he spent short terms as a visiting research fellow with the International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development in Kitakyushu, Japan, in 2001; the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore in 2002; Griffith University in Brisbane in 2003; and the Tokyo office of the Asian Development Bank in 2005.
It is almost impossible to avoid palm oil," said Ms Khor Yu Leng, a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies who specializes in agribusiness research.
Dr Konstantina Griva, an Honorary Senior Visiting Research Fellow at City, was lead investigator on the paper entitled 'Short and long-term outcomes of the hemodialysis self management intervention randomised trial (HED-SMART) - a practical low intensity intervention to improve adherence and clinical markers' Hayley McBain, a Research Fellow at City also contributed.
Lawrence Bamblett, an Indigenous Visiting Research Fellow at AIATSIS, provides considered insights into the practicalities of engaging with Aboriginal communities in his research report 'Read With Me Everyday: Community engagement and English literacy outcomes at Erambie Mission'.
Sinha is currently a visiting research fellow with Australia's Griffith University, while Pandey, then an assistant professor, recently got promoted as professor.
has been invited to hold the honorary title of Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics at the University of Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom.
His views on the closures of these pits echo those reported in The Journal in October of mining expert Dr Eric Wade, vice-president of the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in Newcastle and visiting research fellow in mining history at the Open University and mine geology at Durham University.
John Hughes, visiting research fellow at the Centre of Excellence for Public Health in Northern Ireland, said the forecasts were based on an ageing population and assumed that risk factors remained constant.
Smith, Adjunct Professor, SDA Bocconi & Visiting Research Fellow, Open University Business School, a keynote speaker at the marcus evans PharmaBrand Summit 2012, on the speciation of the pharmaceutical and medtech industries.
A noted expert and scholar in the areas of urban and regional economics, Scanlon was a visiting research fellow at the London School of Economics from 1997 to 1999.
In 1995, he became visiting research fellow at the World Bank in Washington DC, and from 2006 to 2010 was Director of UNESCO's International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in Paris.
Law is a consultant GI radiographer with the North Bristol NHS Trust, and a visiting research fellow at the University of the West of England, UK.
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