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VTGVariable Turbine Geometry (turbochargers)
VTGVicksburg Theatre Guild (Vicksburg, MS)
VTGVoice Technologies Group, Inc. (Dialogic/Intel acquisition; Buffalo NY, USA)
VTGVariable Time Gap
VTGVendor Technical Guidance
VTGVolume of Trapped Gas (respiration)
VTGVagabond Theatre Group (Boston, MA)
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Our amazing discovery was made possible because of 15 years of basic research on vitellogenin.
Vitellogenin is differentially expressed in the spermatheca of the fertilized A.
Effects of o,p'-DDE, heptachlor, and 17[beta]-estradiol on vitellogenin gene expression and the growth hormone/insulin-like growth factor-I axis in the tilapia, Oreochromis mossambicus.
A commonly used biomarker of exposure to estrogens in fish is vitellogenin (VTG).
The egg yolk precursor protein vitellogenin (VTG) has proven to be a biomarker that can be used to identify organisms that have been exposed to environmental estrogens.
While the vitellogenin pseudogene is compelling, it is but one example of thousands that could be given.
2001) reported that female turtles (but not males) caught from ponds within the pastures used by beef cattle showed elevated plasma vitellogenin (a marker for oestrogen exposure).
Ovarian cycle and plasma concentration of oestrogen and vitellogenin in the brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis, Mitchell).
The luciferase reporter plasmid carrying 3 x vitellogenin ERE was kindly provided by Dr.
Vitellogenin (Vt) in whole body homogenates of zebra fish reared in water containing 0, 0.