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VizVidelicet (Latin: That is; Namely)
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Part of the Viz Story workflow at Al Hadath and sister network Al Arabiya, is an integration with Reuters for gathering images and stories.
John Anderson, auctioneer and Viz specialist, said: "This collector put together the most complete and definitive collection of everything that Viz produced.
Following Viz Media's announcement to air the series, the distribution company released an official trailer featuring the new voice of Usagi Tsukino, the teen who transforms as "Sailor Moon.
Notably, Vizrt said Channel 7 is the first major network customer in Thailand using Viz Reporter and the Viz Media Engine, allowing the company to target new audiences on all the latest handhelds and other online content access devices.
Only Viz would turn the regular gripe "Not as funny as it used to be" into a tagline.
Everyone knows what Viz is all about - they don't take themselves seriously so why should we?
Now the Viz artistic team have been in talks with the RSC about bringing Shakespeare to a wider audience They are being asked to help illustrate the backdrops and design costumes.
GLC have been criticised for a debut album promotion ad in Viz magazine which shows band member Billy Webb (aka Tim Westcountry) inhaling from a gold paint spray can.
With British drivers facing spot fines in Europe of around pounds 100 for not wearing high visibility clothing at roadside breakdowns, Viz Reflectives has produced an award-winning reflective fluorescent safety vest for motorists.
has launched Autodesk(R) VIZ 2006, the professional design visualization software that helps artists realize their ideas through 3D modeling, rendering and animation.
Grip--drums, Shock Diode--bass, Viz Spectrum--guitar, FM Static--keyboards, Roxy Epoxy--vocals.
And that's just money generated by the largest "pure" anime companies like Pioneer, Bandai, ADVision and manga publisher Viz Communications.