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VOIPVoice over Internet Protocol
VOIPVoice over Internet Packet
VOIPVideo Over IP (Internet Protocol) Plugin (software)
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VocalTec is a company that pioneered VoIP and continues to innovate, and we look forward to collaborating to speed the adoption of Peering in the industry.
Businesses across the globe have realized significant benefits from using VoIP - not only in cutting their overhead and long-distance bills, but also in improving their overall business performance," said Richard N.
VoIP, an application running on NGNs, has already started to gain traction in the market, but as a stand alone product it is unlikely to become a replacement for fixed line telephony.
Today's service providers are interested in reducing their termination costs and improving their margins by identifying wholesale traffic that is destined for VoIP networks and sending it directly to the service provider that owns the number," said Eli Katz, XConnect CEO.
What contribution will wireless VoIP make to the total (fixed and mobile) voice market, in terms of traffic volume and revenues?
Equipment vendors keen to sell infrastructure, handsets and services, are the main current proponents of wireless VoIP
The VoIP Report can be used by market analysts, competitive intelligence researchers, venture capital analysts and network planners.
States such as Minnesota have tried to assert that VoIP is subject to the same public utility regulations as traditional phone service.
In fact, VoIP is such a hot button right now that many insiders are calling 2004, the year of VoIP.
SmartStack VoIP is a turnkey VoIP voice-enabled Internet modem on a single chip, which enables telephony OEMs to quickly and cheaply integrate VoIP into telephone handsets or any other telephony device.
The market opportunity for VoIP solutions is burgeoning for SMBs," says Sanjeev Aggarwal, AMI-Partners' New York-based Vice President for SMB Infrastructure Solutions.
The new service will mean subscribers can save money on long distance calls using VoIP.