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VO-COOPVocational Cooperative (student program)
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The SEI model is designed to equip youths with vocational skills--Photoshop training and graphic design for apparel--along with marketing, budgeting, and accounting skills to facilitate their involvement in a vocational cooperative.
Participants who successfully completed the four-month vocational seminar and three-month small business seminar also had the incentive of being eligible to participate in the vocational cooperative, which was formed after completion of the skills--training phases.
Three MBA students worked with participants on developing a feasibility analysis of the vocational cooperative.
V Cooperative G-12 A vocational cooperative is formation and months established in the host social implementation services agency for youths to develop and market their target product(s).
Rupright); Four County Area Vocational Cooperative, Garrett, IN (Tim Holcomb); Anthis Career Center, Fort Wayne, IN (Ron Flickinger); and Educational Technology Department, DeKalb County Central United School District, Waterloo, IN (Dick Boyd).
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