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VAVirginia (US postal abbreviation)
VADepartment of Veterans Affairs (US)
VAVirtual Assistant
VAVarese (Lombardia, Italy)
VAVeterans Affairs
VAVirtual Airlines
VAVisual Arts
VAValue Analysis
VAVatican City State (top level domain)
VAValue Added
VAVarious Artists
VAVoir Aussi (French: See Also)
VAVeterans Administration (now Department of Veterans Affairs)
VAVirtual Address
VAVoice Actor
VAVanaf (Dutch: From, used in pricing)
VAVoice Activated
VAVice Admiral
VAVariable Annuity
VAVulnerability Assessment
VAVibration Analysis
VAVoluntary Aided (UK school status)
VAVisual Acuity
VAVolcanic Ash (METAR obscuration)
VAVinyl Acetate
VAViterbi Algorithm
VAVisiting Associate (various schools)
VAVickers-Armstrong (British gun manufacturer)
VAVisual Aid
VAVolare Airlines (Italy)
VAVibro-Acoustic (software)
VAValidation Authority (digital certificates)
VAValuation Allowance
VAView Askew (gaming, Counter Strike)
VAAmbulance Plane (US Navy)
VAVaginal Atrophy
VAValor Award (Australian police award)
VAVariable Account
VAVirtual Analog
VAVotre Altesse (French: Your Highness)
VAVertical Angle
VAVertex Array (game programming)
VAVital Area
VAVeterans Agency (UK government)
VAAircraft speed
VAViscosity Agent (concrete)
VAVideo Amplifier
VAVulnerable Area
VAVicar Apostolic
VAVehicle Analysis
VAVelocity Analysis
VAVillous Adenoma
VAViral Arthritis
VAVascular Aging
VAVentricular Atrial
VAVolume Absorber (physics)
VAVariational Approximation
VAVérification d'Aptitude (Informatique)
VAVerbal Area (audio/video chat software)
VAVisionAIR, Inc (Atlanta, GA public safety software manufacturer)
VAVerkaufsagent (German: Selling Agent; eBay)
VAVisual Accounting
VAVacation Absence
VAVisual Training Aid Specialist (US Navy)
VAVietnamese Airlines
VAVertical Accelerator
VAVulnerability Analyzer (information security)
VAVices Agens (Latin: Acting in Place Of, epigraphy)
VAVictoria and Albert Order (British)
VAMaximum-Design Maneuvering Velocity
VAVentanas Alemanas (Guatemala)
VAVariant Armour (gaming)
VAVermont American, Inc.
VAVixit Annos (Latin: He Lived (insert number) Years, epigraphy)
VAFixed Wing, Heavier Than Air Aircraft, Attack (US Navy)
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Created to eliminate the need to scroll, click or type in order to locate and organize digital music files, Talkhouse's voice activated desktop player allows users to simply press a button, then say what they want to hear.
Talkhouse's speech retrieval technology is very impressive and works better than other voice activated programs available," said Lloyd Starr, music enthusiast and VP of User Interface Development for Beatport.
With the advent of mature speech technologies, Voice Activated Dialing applications meet these requirements by creating an extremely profitable value-added service.
Services include Safety Talk voice activated dialing, Emma TR the telephone receptionist, and Push2Connect conferencing on demand.
With the Voice Activated Neopet Plushies, Thinkway Toys brings to life the beloved characters from the popular online community," Silver continued.
Broadening the experience from online to offline, Thinkway Toys' new line of Voice Activated figures brings the popular Neopets characters to life in a whole new way - as real-world interactive toys
OTCBB: IVOC) is pleased to announce that the Hear I Am Voice Activated Locator can now include iVoice's Speech Enabled Auto Attendant on the same platform.
To order the Voice Activated Voice Responsive Hear I Am Voice Locator, please contact the sales office of iVoice.
Nuance's speech software solutions enable automated access to everything from account balances to flight information, email reading to voice activated dialing -- using nothing more than the power of voice and an ordinary phone.
Xybernaut(R) Corporation (NASDAQ:XYBR), today announced that the Company has been granted a patent by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) that will make hands-free, mobile computing and communicating more simple and more efficient for Japan's highly mobile work force by providing unique voice activated power management features such as the ability to turn a computer on and off with audio commands.
The growing popularity of SMS and voice activated dialing among cell phone users around the world has created the need for a smaller footprint TTS engine that sounds highly intelligible," said Alan Schwartz, Vice President of the Automotive & Mobile Device Customer Focus Unit at SpeechWorks.
0 is ideal for key automated speech solutions including directory assistance, information access and retrieval, account management, voice activated dialing, and email access.