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At the same time, Yager explains, drivers perceived the voice-to-text applications as a safer option, "even though driving performances suffered equally with both methods.
Ditech's solutions include highly accurate voice-to-text recognition to bridge the spoken world into the Web 2.
StreamWIDE is at the forefront of developing cutting edge messaging products for service providers," said Ken Naumann, CEO of Ditech Networks, "and we are thrilled to be StreamWIDE's partner in expanding their messaging offering to cover voice-to-text services.
For more information on Nuance's voice-to-text offerings, visit www.
Movistar's Llamadas Perdidas is powered by Nuance's Missed Call Messenger service, which is built on Nuance's powerful voice-to-text platform, currently deployed with mobile operators around the world.
Ditech Networks is revolutionizing modern communications with advanced voice processing solutions and voice applications that offer network and speech quality enhancement, voice call control, speech-powered web access, voice-to-text services, and more.
Ditech Networks (NASDAQ:DITC) announced today that it has added French transcription support to its PhoneTag voice-to-text service.
Yap's fully automated voice-to-text service allows us to provide our users a much better way to access and manage their voicemails.
Cisco SpeechView with Nuance Voice-to-Text Improves Communication and Boosts Productivity for Today's Mobile Enterprise Workforce
Nuance to Leverage SpinVox's Voice-to-Text Infrastructure and Language Support to Drive Continued Adoption among Carriers and Enterprises around the World
Voice-to-text is a truly exciting category of voice service which is spreading across the globe at an impressive rate and is now the fastest-growing network service since SMS.
To grow the voice-to-text marketplace further, SpinVox announced the launch of its API programme at the beginning of 2009, enabling developers to register at http://create.