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VOIPVoice over Internet Protocol
VOIPVideo over Ip
VOIPVoice over Internet Packet
VOIPVideo Over IP (Internet Protocol) Plugin (software)
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States such as Minnesota have tried to assert that VoIP is subject to the same public utility regulations as traditional phone service.
In fact, VoIP is such a hot button right now that many insiders are calling 2004, the year of VoIP.
SmartStack VoIP is a turnkey VoIP voice-enabled Internet modem on a single chip, which enables telephony OEMs to quickly and cheaply integrate VoIP into telephone handsets or any other telephony device.
The market opportunity for VoIP solutions is burgeoning for SMBs," says Sanjeev Aggarwal, AMI-Partners' New York-based Vice President for SMB Infrastructure Solutions.
The new service will mean subscribers can save money on long distance calls using VoIP.
The launch of our DirectRoute leverages our unique ENUM Registry and VoIP Peering platform to build on our XConnect Global Alliance TM settlement-free VoIP federations and deliver compelling benefits to both the carriers and VoIP service providers managing PSTN-to-VoIP calls," said Eli Katz, CEO of XConnect.
QRadar's VoIP module provides customers with a set of security event correlation rules, application signatures, and specific VoIP security reports.
4 VoIP - a case of evolution, rather than revolution
Jinan Yinquan, is a rapidly growing technology company that offers VoIP services in the People's Republic of China.
Through its wholly owned subsidiary, VoiceOne Communications, LLC, the Company provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced telecommunications technologies, enhanced services, broadband products, and fulfillment services to the VoIP and related communications industries.