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2] production upon increasing biomass content is due to the presence of higher volatile matter in biomass than in coal, which causes a reduction in gasification temperature thereby leading to a reduction in hydrogen production [14,22].
Mass loss (from the initial) up to a temperature of 105[degrees]C was attributed to water evaporation; mass loss at 600[degrees]C after holding for 7 minutes gave the volatile matter and mass of residue after complete oxidation was ash.
According to Table 1, the volatile matter content in coal samples is between 41.
Volatile matters in agricultural biomass ranged from 65 to 78%.
Standard procedures of ASTM [10] were applied for the collection of coal samples and the determination of the parameters such as moisture content, ash, volatile matter, fix carbon, sulfur and gross calorific value.
The moisture and volatile matter content was determined according to ISO: 662: 1998 as follows [15].
Volatile matter was estimated from weight loss of biochar after combustion at 900[degrees]C for 6 min in a ceramic crucible (Zimmerman et al.
Volatile matter release and thin and thick char formation as a function of vitrinite content, coal rank, time and temperature devolatilization
The volatile matter will evaporate as well and reduce the thermal value by at least 10 per cent.
In the subsequent imperfect oxidation of the volatile matter, C[O.