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We at NetApp are proud to be a part of the special exhibition, and we compliment Vorarlberg on their new world record," said Ewald Glockl, NetApp country manager for Austria.
In Vorarlberg, the avalanche danger increased significantly, particularly in exposed off-piste areas.
Vorarlberg, on the western edge of Austria, is the country's smallest province, and after Vienna, the most densely populated.
The Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch, a 660-bed-hospital, is the main regional health care center for the Austrian Federal State of Vorarlberg.
The family-owned company invested a total of EUR 156 million last year, of which EUR 143 million flowed into the state of Vorarlberg.
Companies in the states of Vienna, Lower Austria and Carinthia are most inclined to describe lending as restrictive, while those in Vorarlberg and Salzburg complain least about a credit crunch.
On July 30, 1996, Habsburg and his wife Francesca arrived by plane from Geneva at the airfield of Hohenems in Austria's westernmost Vorarlberg province and were found by customs officials in possession of the jewels which the couple had failed to declare.
Leopold Kaufmann was determined to add drama and dignity to his four new cableway stations at Montafon in Austria's Vorarlberg, east of Switzerland.
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For a typical household in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg with annual consumption of 5,000 kWh, the monthly electricity bill will grow by 4.
After ten hours of digging, rescuers near Gargellen in Austria's western Vorarlberg province found a man and a woman who were buried alive when an avalanche covered a mountain restaurant yesterday.
Client and architect have known each other from childhood, for Giselbrecht was born and brought up in Vorarlberg before he went to study in Graz, where he made his reputation and now runs his office.