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VORTACVHF Omnidirectional Range/Tactical Aircraft Control
VORTACVery High Frequency Omni-Directional Radio Range Tactical Air Navigation Aid
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Non-DME aircraft are instructed to simply remain south of the 096-degree radial of the DPA VORTAC, which achieves the same thing.
As we flew over a VORTAC somewhere in Kentucky, our future aviator made a 60-degree heading change.
One gorgeous, sunny, Friday morning, the mission had a twist: shoot up the coast to Camp Pendleton in a football field just south of the Oceanside VORTAC.
5 DME from the localizer, but in theory you would still be navigating via the VORTAC by the time you get to CUTIS.
We were just south of the Cape Charles VORTAC with less than the usual radio chatter to entertain us when I heard a tail number that I recognized as being one that was operated by the infamous Jimmy Buffett.
Think of it as a perfectly executed DME arc using GPS and without a VORTAC (or VOR/DME) at the center of the turn.
ODPs can be really simple, like climb to 1000 feet before turning right, or complicated, like this one from Santa Rosa, CA (KSTS): "Climb on heading 190[degrees], thence intercept and climb on STS R-202 to cross FREES INT at or above MEA for route of flight or continue climb in FREES holding pattern (hold SE, right turns, PYE VORTAC 335[degrees] inbound) to MEA for route of flight.
This heading will lead to the intercept of the Scaggs Island VORTAC radial-127 [located about 6 miles from the departure end of runway 18R], which the pilot is to follow until reaching the LIZRD intersection [located about 10.