VR6Versetzt Reihe 6 (German, Volkswagen engine)
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Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is likely to equip its Arton with a new 400bhp VR6.
LCDR Moore was given a set of "do anything, go anywhere," orders to set up a special Navy Supply systems to maintain the flow of material to VR3, VR6 and VR8.
Moving later into 2005 and 2006, however, VW expects to shift into high gear with the arrival of a face-lifted Beetle, new 280 hp VR6 engine in the Passat, a Passat wagon and finally, two years after its European launch, the latest version of the Golf hatchback.
The men, who were wearing yellow high-visibility tops, stole cash before driving away from the store in a Golf VR6 motor car, registration L458 GCG.
Two men wearing balaclavas jumped out of a black Volkswagen Golf VR6 and smashed the front window of Diggles Jewellery on Allerton Road,Allerton,Liverpool, at around 9.
Con la ruptura cambia de estatus, el lugar del VR6 se desplaza en una Citroen 2 caballos.
All that raw power comes from the latest development of VW's famous VR6 engine, only now it has four valves per cylinder and has been renamed the V6.
This theory is not without some support: one well-known local victim in 1994 was the Manchester United and Ireland footballer, Roy Keane, whose Golf VR6 was stolen, in January, by a Liverpool-based gang and later abandoned.
Digital Trends has reported that the production Passat GT will have sports-tuned suspension, and likely use the same VR6 engine that produces 280 horsepower.
0T version, with a base price of $20,950, while the up-level VR6 model (with a base price under $30,000) will arrive in showrooms in the fourth-quarter.