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VULAVintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association
VULAVirtual Unbundled Local Access (broadband networking)
VULAVoluntary Unpaid Leave of Absence
VULAVereniging van Uitzendbureaus Loon- en Aannemingsbedrijven
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While this change is of limited consequence in countries which have not extended SMP obligations to fibre VULA and fibre bitstream, it is of major relevance in countries where incumbents are under such obligations.
Maharja undertook an extremely wide range of activities during his decades long commitment from making pipe bombs and preparing pamphlets early in the struggle, to continuing militant activities while imprisoned on Robben Island, and finally, heading Operation Vula while in exile.
With: Wendo Kolosoy, Mbinga Kabata, Antoine Moundanda, Joseph Munange, Mukubuele Nzoku, Aminata Panda, Alphonse Biolo Batilangandi, Michel Vula Makonzo.
Counts, David, & Counts, Dorothy 1970, The Vula of the Kaliai: A Primitive Currency with Commercial Uses.
Coach Dave Woods, who is tracking Fijian international props Iowane Divovesi and Vula Dakuitoga, plus hooker Waisale Suka, has limited options for the big clash.
TEAMING up with Oh My Gosh singer Vula, it's another soft house track.
Hush Boy is a heady collision of meaty horns, fantastically fruity carnival beats and boisterous stomps with wicked but playful vocals by onstage star Vula.
El 13 de septiembre del mismo ano, sufrio un accidente automovilistico junto a su esposa frente al hospital Vula.
Rupeni Caucaunibuca, Vilimoni Delasau, Alifereti Doviverata, Bill Gadolo, Emori Katalau, Sisa Koyamaibole, Kele Leawere, Norman Ligairi, Nicky Little, Vula Maimur, Alivereti Mocelutu, Apisai Naevo, Richard Nyholt, Samisoni Rabaka, Seru Rabeni, Isaia Rasila, Moses Rauluni, Ifereimi Rawaqa, Saimoni Rokini, Epeli Ruivadra, Kitione Salawa, Waisale Serevi, Nacanieli Seru, Koli Sewabu, Greg Smith, Seta Tawake, Aisea Tuilevu, Alfier Uluinayau, Joe Veitayaki, Marika Vunibaka.
Fiji Marika Vunibaka, who has scored seven tries in 13 Tests for Fiji, has been ruled out through injury, along with fellow wing Rupeni Caucaunibuca, back-five forward Vula Maimuri, full-back Alfie Uluinayau and centre Dan Baleinadogo.
Then at a small lunch with Havel, his wife, Olga, Richard Wagner, Vice Minister and adviser for economy and ecology, and Valtr Komarek, a deputy prime minister and leader of their new economic team, we discussed how the country could increase its income, and the conversation continued later that day at dinner in a vula near the castle.