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W-4Employee Withholding Allowance (IRS)
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3402(f)(2)(A) requires employees to furnish their employer with a signed Form W-4 on employment.
The Form W-4 is also known as the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate, and some employees have tried to protest against completing the form by claiming they don't have to "allow" withholdings.
if employers think a form is "questionable," they can send it to the IRS for examination, but they have to process payroll according to that W-4 until a decision is made.
W-4 Maker sells for $195 and can be purchased through Business Software Outlet by calling 513-528-1849 or 800-669-0842.
First, you must note your change in marital status on the W-4 form at work.
Provides 24/7/365 employee self-service availability, offloading payroll and HR responsibilities for W-4 updates;
Examine the employee's Social Security card--make sure the name and number match the information on file and on the W-4.
It's still relatively early to tell if employees will change their form W-4," said Paychex Vice President of Marketing Gene Polisseni.
Federal W-4 forms for 2006 will be released early in December; states will issue their updated forms afterward.
The predecessor must retain copies of Forms W-4 and W-5 and the "acquired" employees must supply the successor with new Forms W-4 and W-5.
Employees who want to withhold at the current level in order to ensure a refund will have to fill out a new W-4 form.
ePayroll services include pay stub review, pay card integration, direct deposit maintenance, and W-4 Update.