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W-CDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
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Compatibility with W-CDMA will enable seamless handover as the devices move between LTE and W-CDMA service areas in the network.
Its German W-CDMA network will be equipped with HSDPA by May, providing the advantages of mobile broadband connections to customers at almost anytime, in most locations.
Later this year, 3G Evolution Technology, which is a combination of W-CDMA and OFDM, will be commercialized.
Overall, most new development was in W-CDMA base stations, but many carriers have delayed their W-CDMA deployments, so demand was not as high for these components as initially anticipated.
Fujitsu and Japan Radio, which both plan to market W-CDMA digital communication terminals in Japan and abroad in the near future, hope the new company will help boost development of the terminals, the two companies said.
The decision to license the ARM946E-S core is based on a commitment by NEC's System LSI Operations Unit to a global strategy for its products in the W-CDMA mobile terminal field.
NEC had a notebook with a built-in telephone and W-CDMA data converter.
The standard provides some advantages when contrasted with access methods such as W-CDMA.
Table 26: Global W-CDMA TRx Shipment Forecast, 2014-2018 (% YoY Growth) 58 Table 27: Global GSM TRx Market Share, 2012-2013 (Units) 60 Table 28: Global GSM TRx Market Share, Chinese vs.
Volume discount royalty payments based on the number of W-CDMA terminal products sold quarterly.
The new RRE (also known as remote radio head) allows the relatively easy and efficient installation of LTE base stations to existing W-CDMA base stations (see diagrams below).
In addition to supporting measurements up to the microwave band, it can also perform optional modulation analysis of W-CDMA signals and high-accuracy power measurements.