W3DShockwave 3d (filename extension)
W3DWorms 3D (computer game)
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Zeigler, “Cindy exemplifies the type of caring nurse whose dedication to quality patient care makes us proud to sponsor the Nurse of the Month contest with W3D.
The W3D satellite is being built on the Spacebus 4000 C3 platform by Thales Alenia Space with a launch mass of approximately 5400 kg and a 15 year design life.
ILS and Khrunichev are looking forward to delivering on that commitment for Eutelsat and continuing to support their plans for growth and expansion with the launch of the W3D satellite in 2013.
W3D will be co-positioned with W3A satellite at 7[degrees] East.
Eutelsat will also immediately initiate a new satellite programme, called W3D, for a planned launch in the first quarter of 2013.
The company has combined with Worldwide Marketing of Trento to secure products to be sold in the United States through licensed distributors and via the Internet, specifically, its provider W3D.