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WAACWomen's Auxiliary Army Corps (USA-WWII)
WAACWestern Association for Art Conservation
WAACWorld Algeria Action Coalition
WAACWestern Australian AIDS Council
WAACWorkshop on Algorithms and Computation
WAACWomen’s Abortion Action Campaign
WAACWest African Airways Corporation (intergovernmental airline)
WAACWomen's Art Association of Canada
WAACWin At All Cost
WAACWindsor Accessibility Advisory Committee (Windsor, ON, Canada)
WAACWheels Accessible Advisory Committee
WAACWestern Association of Agriculture Councils
WAACWaukee Area Arts Council (Waukee, Iowa, USA)
WAACWeighted Average Adjustment Coefficient
WAACWorld Amazigh Action Coalition, Inc. (Canada)
WAACWest Allis Auto Club (Wisconsin)
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14) Regardless, the Bill passed and on May 16, 1942 Olveta Culp Hobby was sworn in as WAAC Director.
Yet the Ministry of Information saw exhibitions of war art as morale-boosting, and resurrected the WAAC, initially founded in World War I, under National Gallery director Sir Kenneth Clarke.
At the end of World War II, massive demobilization of the military took with it most of the women who had been recruited into the WAAC and the WAVES.
WAAC has donated pounds 250 toward the reward, and Brian May''s SAVE ME anti-hunting campaign has offered a further pounds 500.
It''s been a really tough fight for WAAC in North Wales, and we still have a massive uphill struggle to keep the ban and to stop Cameron editor's discretion from rewarding his hunt cronies with a repeal.
WAAC stagged a mock shooting of a badger - using a banana
WAAC is worried by Conservative pledges to revisit the Act if they are voted into government.
Women enjoyed new opportunities during the First World War, replacing men as clip pies and dentists,joining the women's services such as the WAAC (Women's Army Auxiliary Corps), working in munitions factories and in clerical and administration jobs.
The WRAF was formed late in the war in spring of 1918 and more than 30,000 women enrolled, many transferring from the WAAC and its naval equivalent the Women's Royal Naval Service.
It was unheard of for blacks to become captains in WAAC, so Peter and a comrade of his, Captain Thomas Agyare, were pioneers of the highest order.
More than 55,0" More than 55,000 women served in the WAAC between January 1917 and the end of the war in November the following year, working in France, Belgium and also in Greece as well as at home.