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WAASWide-Area Application Services (Cisco)
WAASWide Area Augmentation System (GPS)
WAASWashington Alternate Assessment System (student performance)
WAASWHS (Washington Headquarters Services) Allotment Accounting System
WAASWhelen All American Series (National Association for Stock Car Racing)
WAASWorld Aircraft Accident Summary (database)
WAASWebsite as a Service (various companies)
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Like its predecessors, the WAAS GEO 6 payload will be hosted aboard a commercial host satellite in a geostationary earth orbit (GEO).
The full LPV performance contract modification will enhance the WAAS integrity algorithms for increased approach availability during weather disturbances as well as during normal conditions.
Integrating the Cisco WAAS API data sources provides network managers with simplified views and reports of WAN optimization impact on application and network performance that are not natively available in the Central Manager.
pilots know it as WAAS, but in other countries, it's a variety of names.
During the reporting period of April and June of this year, the availability measured by the 28 WAAS stations critical to the U.
WAAS is a space-based system that broadcasts corrections data and information to improve the overall accuracy and integrity of GPS satellite signals.
WAAS is a GPS-based navigation and landing system for aviation use that will provide precision guidance to aircraft at thousands of airports and airstrips where there is currently no precision landing capability.
An aircraft utilizing WAAS can, in some cases, land in adverse weather conditions with as little as a half-mile of visibility at 200 feet of altitude - conditions that would deter aircraft not similarly equipped.
The 1090ES-based ESG transponder doesn't have an internal ADS-B receiver, but it does have internal WAAS GPS, eliminating the need for an external GPS input.
An RNAV function requiring WAAS, using a final approach segment (FAS) data block, which computes, displays and provides both horizontal and approved vertical approach navigation to minimums as low as 200-foot ceiling and 1/2-mile visibility.
Satmex's commissioning of a payload from Boeing follows the agreement it has concluded with Raytheon for a WAAS payload that will enhance the availability and accuracy of Global Positioning System signals for the FAA.