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WABAWorld Alliance for Breastfeeding Action
WABAWashington Area Bicyclist Association
WABAWillamette Alpaca Breeders Association (Oregon)
WABAWorldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association
WABAWichita Area Builders Association (Kansas)
WABAWashita Battlefield National Historic Site (US National Park Service)
WABAWest Africa Business Association (London, UK)
WABAWomen's American Basketball Association
WABAWashtenaw Amateur Baseball Association
WABAWorking American Bulldog Association
WABAWestern Australian Bar Association
WABAWest African Bankers' Association
WABAWithin- and Between-Entity Analysis
WABAWest Asian Basketball Association
WABAWet Annular Burnable Absorber (power distribution)
WABAWheatland Area Business Association (New York state)
WABAWest Auckland Basketball Association (New Zealand)
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Many goods and services required by WABA were purchased by individuals and then reclaimed from WABA; this should not be necessary in a properly run organisation.
BEIRUT: Lebanon notched their first win of the WABA Championship Wednesday after surviving a late scare to narrowly defeat Syria 90-79 Wednesday in day three of the tournament which is currently being held in Jordan.
But neither has much impact without a third dimension -- communication," WABA states on its website.
Evans' selection depends on him making the 91kg heavyweight limit, but WABA officials are confident he will do so.
In Cyprus the WABA initiative aims to outline that support for breast-feeding is necessary not only from healthcare professionals but also on a family level, from the workplace and through the structure of society.
WAIPS was initiated by WABA in 2000 with the aim of using it to enhance economic activities across the West African sub-region, and was initially scheduled to be operational in 2001.
WABA and LLLI also pointed out that exclusive breastfeeding, a natural form of contraception, helps to increase child spacing.
This statement is also available on the WABA and National Network on Environments and Women's Health (NNEWH) websites.
A copy of the book can be obtained for $5 by contacting WABA at P.
Inspired by Tinkertoy inventor Charles Pajeau and armed with $14 of materials, McCloskey created a prototype that quickly ballooned into WABA Fun (named after the collective initials of McCloskey's two sons), a company with more than 300 retail accounts.
Briefly, the E and F tests conducted under WABA I indicate whether the variance is either between or within groups, or whether both or neither within- nor between-group levels are the appropriate inference.
She is the author of Risks, Rights and Regulation: Communicating about Risks and Infant Feeding and member of WABA Breastfeeding and Environment Working Group.