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WABCOWestinghouse Air Brake Company
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Each industry-leading System Saver air dryer is remanufactured with genuine Meritor WABCO components and tested to ensure OE quality and performance.
The collaboration is aimed at WABCO supplying parts to Chery.
WABCO (NYSE: WBC), a leading global provider of electronic braking, stability, suspension and transmission control systems for commercial vehicles, will make its debut on the New York Stock Exchange today, trading under the symbol WBC.
Our WABCO Operating System, one of the industry's most advanced management environments, continues to strengthen our income performance through operational improvements in efficiency and quality across our value chain.
We've seen an increased demand from manufacturers for our System Saver products, and now we've efficiently remanufactured our air compressor for aftermarket use," said Pat Kealy, director, Aftermarket, Meritor WABCO.
WABCO has already been supplying products to CNHTC since 1997.
SAB WABCO is a leading manufacturer of brake systems and related products primarily serving the European passenger transit and rail markets.
Advanced image analysis algorithms enable the Meritor WABCO LDW to detect a wide variety of lane markings, such as dividing lines on the highway, even in unfavorable lighting or weather conditions where there are limited visible solid, dashed or reflective lane markings.
Erwin Petersen, process owner product development at WABCO Hannover.
This is a highly differentiated approach to 6x2 applications, which provides several cost benefits to the fleet owner at the point of purchase and over the life of the vehicle," said Jon Morrison, president and general manager, Meritor WABCO.
We're extremely pleased that Dorsey joined these OEMs and has chosen Rockwell WABCO ABS for its customers," said Leonard C.
The system was first introduced by Meritor WABCO in 2005 and combines Roll Stability Control (RSC) and yaw or rotational control.